Testing Internet Speed on PC

It is important to check your internet speed before downloading and uploading a file. By knowing the internet speed, you know that your internet works well. As a result, you can download and upload files fast based on the standard speed. Here are three platforms that you can use to test internet speed on PC.

Speedtest Google

Google provides an internet speed test known as Google Speedtest. You just open the Google search and type speed test on the search box. Find projectstream.Google.com and click the link to go to the main page. You will see an explanation about the standard internet speed for downloading and uploading files, about M-Lab or Measurement Lab, and also tips for getting accurate results. After reading the information, you can click the “Check Now” button. Wait for about 30 seconds or less while Google Speed Test processes your request. You will get information about the download speed. It also explains whether the speed is ready for normal downloading or uploading files or not, latency, and the location of the server. Based on the result, Google Speed Test also explains what you can do with the internet speed. For example, your internet speed should work for streaming HD videos, video conferencing, and gaming. This platform also explains whether your internet connection is ready to stream games on Stadia or not. You may test the speed again by clicking the “Check Again” button. For an accurate result, it is better not to do anything first while testing the internet speed.         

Speedtest Ookla

You can test your internet speed by using Ookla. Just go to speedtest.net to go to the internet speed test page. On this page, you will see particular detail such as the server and its location and the type of connection. What you have to do to test the internet speed is by clicking the “Go” button. Just wait for a few seconds to see the result. There are three details you can see in the result of the speed test including the PING, download speed, and upload speed. You will get the result fast along with a high level of accuracy. The test is free, so you don’t need to spend your money at all. Just go to the official website and use the single button to start the test. Just make sure that your internet connection is good before taking the speed test. Moreover, it is better not to use the connection while taking the speed test to get a more accurate result. It is effective enough to analyze whether your internet speed is fast enough or not. At least, you know if there is something wrong with the speed.     


You can also use another internet speed test provider known as Fast.com. Internet users often use this provider because of its simplicity. They can easily use it and get an accurate result. Just go to the official website, Fast.com. By the time you see the homepage on the screen, just click the “Play” button. Just wait for a few seconds while the provider analyzes your internet speed. Click the “More Info” button to see the detail. You can also check the detail of its latency, download speed, upload speed, server and its location, and ID. The feature and display are simple and you will get the result faster.

So, if there is a problem with your internet connection, especially when you are about to download and upload, just check the internet speed first. The three internet speed test providers above help you a lot to know the result. If it is too slow, you can find the solution or call the provider for further information.